80/20 Sourcing Advanced Course – Beta Group Signup Page

I’m creating a 6-week advanced video course that would help you get a clear roadmap to add 4-8 products to your business and scale up to $1m in revenue.

NOTE: I’m only opening the course to a small group experienced Amazon sellers as beta testers to join.  

In this program, we would cover:

  • A Roadmap to $1m in revenue: How to accelerate growth
  • Building a brand and growing your business off of Amazon
  • How to choose the RIGHT products to add and ways to quickly add them
  • How to hire contractors and VAs and systemize work so you can unchain yourself from your business and 10x your growth
  • How to manage cash flow so you can scale your business
  • Advanced PPC optimization
  • The 80/20 of Social Media and Influencer marketing: Say goodbye to shiny new object syndrome and hello to ROI
  • International Expansion: EU and Japan

As a special bonus for the beta group, I would organize a weekly group coaching call to discuss challenges, review solutions, and accountability. Sort of like a mastermind.

Signup now to save your place in the beta group: