How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Start Finding a Viable First Product (away from the Crowd) from Trustworthy Chinese Suppliers to start your FBA Business

Are you frustrated by the sourcing phase of your Amazon FBA business? Does this sound like you?

It’s Monday and after you get home from your 50 hour workweek you start to work on your Amazon business. But it’s more like you try to get started. You log into Alibaba and find that you’re talking to 10 different suppliers at the same time. Each and every contact feels like a JOB in itself.

You been working for months stuck in "Alibaba HELL" emailing suppliers and waiting for their replies. Most of them don’t even reply. And with the few that do you’ve played rounds and rounds of email hockey. After the daunting process of receiving emails from so many suppliers, and even some emails from suppliers you didn't contact, you’re still not sure that this supplier is trustworthy.

You ask yourself "are they a real factory or are they a middleman or trading company that will scam me out of my hard earned money?"

When it comes to placing an order you're confused when and how to create a contract. Is it really necessary or is keeping a record of emails is enough? And how do you get all the important details spelled out on the Purchase Order?

Now you're struggling with packaging. It doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult but right now you still feel like you’re missing something. It’s almost as if you’re making it harder than it needs to be. Ultimately you feel like it’s going to work out but you didn’t realize it would be so time-consuming. And expensive.

Now it’s time to arrange the shipment. "I'll be arranging my very first ocean shipment soon and I hope to be able to increase my profit margin even just a little bit by using ocean shipping. It is much more complicated than air express and this entire business of selling on Amazon is an ongoing learning process.”

You found many freight companies on Alibaba but don’t know which one is better. Or maybe you shouldn’t be looking on Alibaba at all...

You’ve not sure what should be on the shipping labels on each carton for LCL. Do you need to specifically tell the supplier what to put?

Is it necessary to ask what tariff codes the supplier uses for preparing the documents on their end for shipping?

Do you have all needed documents/licences, so the goods will not stuck in the port or at US Customs? Or even worse getting the shipment rejected at Amazon Fulfillment Centers and being forced to tear down and repackage your shipment costing your hundreds of dollars in fees, lengthy delays shipping the product from Amazon to your warehouse (you have one don’t you) and back, along with thousands of dollars of lost sales.

Once your product starts to sell it takes off. This is good right? But selling out too fast you frantically place an order with your supplier but find out that it will take another 45 days plus another 30 days shipping. This means you lost tens of thousands of dollars in profit because you mismanaged production time. And you just lost your BSR as you watch your competitors snatch up that spot on the first page.

The Amazon business is getting very very tough.

It’s getting crowded as more and more competitors are rushing into the market everyday.

It’s getting harder and harder to find the right product niche to sell as everyone is using the same research tools.

Amazon is also changing their policies quickly by banning incentivized reviews, introducing A+ listings, and more. How can you keep up with so many moving parts at once?

Launching a new business is stressful. You need to be careful with every step. You’re jumping in with both feet and every step is scary because you’ve never done it before.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to “push the button” on something. Your fear of failure and of thinking to yourself that “I will be stupid if I mess up” is the only thing that keeps you from getting started.

Good news – after spending 10+ years on the ground in China and dealing with hundreds of suppliers, making many mistakes along the book, I’ve learned ways to identify the essential few suppliers that you want to do business with so they can become your trusted partners in your Amazon business as you grow your business from $1k a month to $10k a month and beyond.

And by doing this you can source the right product at the right price from the right supplier to kickstart your Amazon business today.

By building this business it can help replace your income from your 9-to-5 job. Hello to spending more time with your family and goodbye to those 50-60 hour workweeks stuck at the office.

OR it can mean that you can build a lifestyle business. For some that means checking in on their accounts and emails in the morning and evenings and having the rest of the day to themselves. They could play a round of golf, or goto the pub with their friends, or they could build a side business of their dreams.

For others with children it could mean that you can spend less time in your cubicle and more time with your family.

Or if you’re like me and love to travel you could live like a digital nomad and see the world. Over time by implementing these strategies, I’ve built a business where I’m able work remotely and have the business run in the background while I travel to Alaska to view the Northern Lights…

And visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Or watch an amazing sunset over a private beach in Thailand.

And volunteer to teach English to underprivileged children in a rural village in Cambodia

Introducing 80/20 Sourcing Essentials – A crash course on choosing a profitable product, finding a trustworthy supplier from China, and launching your private label product for your Amazon business

But why should you trust me?

I have over 10 years of experience in the entire product selection, sourcing, shipping, and e-commerce process. Before working in China in sourcing products for multimillion dollar clients, I ran my own e-commerce business starting in 2005 selling footwear and women’s fashion. At that time I sold on eBay, my own website, and Amazon. So I’ve experienced an entire lifecycle of e-commerce platforms along with the highs and lows.

But first let’s TURN BACK THE CLOCK... Back in the mid 2005 eBay was the king and Amazon was just beginning to allow 3rd party sellers on its platform. Amazon FBA didn't exist yet and everything was merchant fulfilled. Yahoo Shopping was the “Shopify” of the time.

I rented a small warehouse in Los Angeles and I started out doing retail arbitrage. Craiglist and hunting garage sales in Brentwood was my Saturday morning routine. Designer clothes, limited edition Adidas shoes, used cameras, electronics... But the whole process of hunting for product, taking pictures, writing descriptions, listing online, packaging and shipping the product was frustrating. It took too much time because each product was unique. It wasn’t really scalable.

Later I settled on my niche. I created a private label selling women’s shoes which I bought wholesale locally in LA. I sold a niche type of shoe in every sort of color and design that nobody else had. At that time I sold to customers in over 30 countries.

At that time I even attended eBay Live as a Powerseller. It was like the Amazon Seller events we see so often today.

Now things have changed. eBay is yesterday's news, Amazon is the king, Yahoo Shopping has crashed and burned, FBA is the way, and your own website is still vital. But one thing has remained constant - e-commerce is still a golden opportunity. And I can offer a holistic view with my deep understanding and experience of e-commerce.

The financial crisis hit my business hard in 2008 and at the same time I wanted to give China a shot. So I decided close shop, pickup and move out to Shanghai in 2008 and found a job with a small consulting firm that helped companies find suppliers in China.

Over time I worked with numerous suppliers and visited hundreds of factories. I experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly and learned tricks of the trade along the way. Eventually I managed the whole sourcing process.

These insights allowed me to help my clients find the right suppliers, negotiate the right prices, maintain the right quality, and delivery on schedule.

But I’ll be honest. Along the way I stumbled as well. With one of the suppliers we introduced to my auto parts supplier, we later discovered that they were a trading company. They claimed to be a factory on paper but in fact they only had a small office and contracted out all of their manufacturing to subcontractors. Their pricing was high and when we visited their office we learned why. But the takeaway is over time I learned ways to spot trading companies and what problems that could arise.

Quality control was always an issue. The first order may have been OK but later over time quality slipped. There were warps in the metal. The rubber parts started becoming detached from the frames. At the same time I noticed that as the client forced their price to go below the price floor problems arose. Suppliers say yes to everything but they began cutting corners. Lesson learned... in China you get what you pay for.

There are numerous other stories and battles that I’ve fought. Some we won and others we lost. But in the end there was always a lesson learned.

Being a battle tested veteran I can help guide you along the way so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did and this will save you a lot of time, money, and frustrations.

I tried negotiating by the numbers in China but found that there was something else beneath the surface. There was a hidden code running through all of our emails, phone calls, meetings, and meals.

Finally, I realized that cultural understanding is the key to success when doing business from China.

You might say this goes back to my roots being born and raised in Los Angeles by first generation Chinese immigrants. And I’ve had a lifetime of experience, living with, talking to, and later doing business with Chinese people. Some people say I have a unique perspective in that I have a great balance of understanding Western business methods and expectations and Chinese cultural, social, and business processes.

I can help you interpret Chinese cultural differences, understand their thinking process, and help you navigate through the complexity of doing business with Chinese companies so that you can find a trustworthy supplier for your product.

In fact in my video course, I've included a guide on building connections and relationships with Chinese prospective suppliers and partners so that you can build better business. I’ve learned ways to diffuse the ticking time bomb that can sabotage your business relationships with suppliers… and it’s not as easy as you think.

And if you play your cards right you can negotiate lower prices than what your competitors are paying, not pay anything upfront when placing orders to free up cashflow, and actually have the supplier proactively work with you to develop new products.

Guanxi - Building relationships to build business
Guanxi - Building relationships to build business

Besides my work in ecommerce and sourcing, I’ve also been selected to represent the American business community and small business owners like you on delegations to visit Washington DC.  

In 2018 I was invited to participate on a Doorknock to meet with leaders from the White House Administration, Department of Commerce, US Trade Representatives, Congress, and Senate to discuss how the China Tariffs are affecting small businesses.  

Unfortunately President Trump was in New York and couldn’t meet with us… But we did get to meet with over a dozen key leaders in Washington.  

80/20 Sourcing Essentials is a crash course that will help you quickly identify profitable products away from the “crowd” and find trustworthy suppliers from China to build and grow your Amazon business

By leveraging these strategies, insights and experiences I was able to find trustworthy suppliers for my products that I sell. I’ve created multiple six figure businesses and have helped hundreds of Amazon sellers with their businesses.

What is a trustworthy supplier?

They communicate with you quickly and clearly so you don’t waste time playing email hockey. They have excellent follow up skills. They are motivated to do business with you and see you as a partner to their success.

They understand your product quality requirements quickly so you don’t have to explain the ABCs of everything. In China not all suppliers are the same. Certain regions of China specialize in manufacturing certain types of products. For example there is a town in Zhejiang that manufactures most all of the umbrellas in the world. The whole street is filled with dozens of umbrella manufacturers. However after visiting nearly all of them I found that there are high quality, mid quality, and low quality ones. You need to find the right fit for you.

My trustworthy suppliers offer competitive prices lower than what competitors would get. And because the TRUST is MUTUAL they offer better payment terms so I don’t have to pay a penny upfront and can free up my cashflow.

Last but not least my trustworthy suppliers save me from worrying about them shipping different product from the samples. I’m not saying once production begins I can just sit back and relax because quality control is a never-ending story but at least they understand we are TEAMMATES and not OPPONENTS.

Long story short, they are my trusted business partner. They work with me (not against me) to solve problems as we grow our businesses together in a long term relationship.

I also noticed the same red flags that keep popping up among the unqualified suppliers. I learned what questions to ask so I know whether to continue the conversation or FIRE them instantly and move on.

In fact now I can quickly size up a supplier in a few seconds so I can focus on the few qualified suppliers so I don't waste my time and effort on the trivial many. 80/20 rule.

As my sales grow, and I place larger orders with my suppliers, our relationship or Guanxi grows as well. They understand the quality that I need. They proactively send me pictures or actual samples off the production line for my review and approval.

If on my next order I want to make changes to the product. They agree to:

    • Make the changes I ask for so I can differentiate my product from my competitors
    • Make a custom package design so it looks cool and I can increase the price
  • Bundle products for me so I can add value and make more money
At the same time, I've found ways to build trust with them so my exclusive designs won't end up allover Alibaba or in my competitors’ hands.

Often times a contract isn't enough, especially in China with very different value and ethical standards. There are other ways to build the trust you need to protect your IP. You’ve heard the nightmares about companies and kickstarters who have their products knocked off and counterfeited. Don’t let the same thing happen to you.

GOOD NEWS: I've distilled my insights and knowledge about sourcing from China and selling on Amazon into a video course.

80/20 Sourcing Essentials is a 3 week course that will show you a roadmap how to launch your first private label product

Say goodbye to being stuck in Alibaba hell and hello to finding trustworthy Chinese suppliers to build your product for your Amazon business.

I’ve consolidated years of experience, best practices, tricks of the trade, and common mistakes into eight videos with over three hours of material to show you the ins and outs of sourcing from China.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the product selection phase both on my own products as well as coaching my students through the process.

Sure you can follow online case studies but if you follow the “crowd” you will start at the same place as everyone else and end up at the same place as everyone else.  

What may look like a good opportunity today may be a niche that becomes suddenly a red ocean with a ton of competitors 2 or 3 months down the line.  That means that everyone is selling the same “me-too” product. This leads to a flooded market with too much competition and a price war. In other words it’s a race to the bottom.  And the worst thing that can happen is that you win in this fruitless exercise.

In 80/20 Sourcing Essentials, I will show you 11 ways to find profitable products away from the crowds.  These are proven methods that have worked for me and other successful entrepreneurs throughout the years. This way you will not rely on tools that everyone else is using to come up with profitable product ideas.

I’ve identified the formula to maximize your chances of success from the start so you don’t hit the wrong note and muddy up the waters. And I will share with you through my course. We will deep dive into the specifics so you can learn how to choose a profitable product fromt the start and source a product with confidence.

Here’s an outline of the course. You will learn how to:

Lesson 1: Selecting Your First Product: Pick low hanging fruit

    • NEW - Discover 11 ways to find profitable products away from the crowd so you aren’t selling the same thing as everyone else
    • How to choose the right first product to source so you can maximize your success on Amazon
    • What products NOT to choose so you don’t spend all that time on a dud
    • Specific examples of what makes a good first product so you know what to look for
  • NEW - Product Selection Scorecard so you can take your emotions out of the product selection process

Lesson 2: Secrets of finding a trustworthy supplier:

    • Quickly find trustworthy suppliers and what to look for to identify signs of trust
    • Immediately spot red flags to eliminate middlemen and trading companies, suppliers who are bad fits and possible scams
    • Learn specific scenarios why a supplier is chosen and why others are rejected so you can do the same in your sourcing

      Lesson 3: Your Preorder Gameplan

    • How to cast a wide net – learn how many suppliers should you contact and what sort of response rates to expect so you can source with confidence
    • Create the perfect RFQ to increase response rates and get suppliers to take you seriously even if you’re small and new
    • How to easily filter down suppliers based on their replies and generate a target price to negotiate suppliers against each other
    • NEW - How to make Quick Product Improvements that will increase your selling price and differentiate from your competitors without investing thousands of dollars in tooling fees… even if you’re just starting out
    • NEW - Quick guide to creating product packaging (PDF) - a checklist of what you need to include on your packaging and design so you don’t miss anything and possibly face fines and delays as a result
  • One important step you should never overlook

Lesson 4: The Art of Guanxi: Building Relationships to Build Better Business

  • Five things to do to get your Chinese supplier to offer you lower prices, better payment terms, free samples, accommodate your product changes
  • What NOT to do to spoil the relationship and end up with poor quality product, slow deliveries, and an overall bad business partner

    Lesson 5: Gametime: Placing your order

  • What to include in your Purchase Order - a breakdown of all the parts and why this is the most essential document if problems arise later
  • A breakdown of payment methods so you can reduce your risk when sending money overseas
  • My specific recommendations on method to use when ordering samples, placing a trial order and regular orders
  • How to arrange a pre-shipment inspections to catch problems before they leave the factory floor
  • How to make your product Amazon ready so it can ship straight to the fulfillment warehouse without any costly delays
  • Bonus: Online Sellers Negotiations Guide with Chinese Suppliers (NEW) - A playbook to show you how I negotiate, how I learn of market pricing, and what you can negotiate besides price so you’re not leaving any money on the table.

    Lesson 6: The shipping process: Air vs Sea:

  • Exact Air and Sea shipment processes so you don’t forget anything and fight fires later
  • A plain English Guide to EXW, FOB, DDP and the language of shipping so you can understand the whole process quickly
  • Best practices to cut your risk of your shipment getting delayed or held up at customs
  • Recommended Air and Sea Freight Forwarders

    Lesson 7: What to do AFTER shipment:

  • My supplier F*D up now what? Fixing quality problems and getting compensation for their mistakes
  • How to get your supplier to correct problems even if they are not willing to accommodate to your demands at first
  • How to ask your supplier to get them to agree to make product changes so you can differentiate your product
  • How to negotiate lower pricing and better terms so you can maximize your margins

Lesson 8: Tricks of the trade

  • How to cut costs and maximize your margins by negotiating lower prices and better terms
  • Quick Guide to Creating Custom Packaging so you Don’t spend months stuck on developing packaging
  • How to properly to bundle a product from multiple suppliers so you can sell your product for a higher price and make more money
  • How to protect your IP so your custom design doesn’t get posted all over Alibaba
Here’s a sneak peek of what the course looks like:

These strategies are the same exact ones that I’ve used to help multimillion dollar clients negotiate lower prices, better payment terms, make changes to the product, fix quality problems, and get suppliers to maintain delivery windows.

In fact I will share scenarios of real life negotiation scenarios and the most common results and how you can reply to them.

Also learn what to do if you DON’T get the price you want right away... hint price isn’t the only thing that you can get to benefit your business. At the same time still do business and have them work with you to meet the price.

Imagine if you cut 10% off your factory price. Real purchasing professionals know that the money is made not in the selling but in the BUYING! In other words BUY LOW.

By negotiating lower prices, you can save thousands of dollars across your products and sales over the lifetime of your product. Not only that, it will have a multiplied effect on lowering your import customs duties.

So you will be increasing your profit margins from the start and start making more money faster.

Here's what Jungle Scout founder Greg Mercer said:

Greg Mercer

“Gary is a complete wealth of knowledge when it comes to sourcing and working with suppliers in China. He’s shared tons of information that has saved me a lot of money and headaches when successfully sourcing products.”

Greg Mercer, Founder of Jungle Scout

Not only that as a special BONUS I have created the 80/20 Sourcing Essentials Toolkit.

I know I don’t have to do this but I believe in accountability to help you TAKE ACTION. So I’ve provided you with the actual checklists, guidelines, email scripts, and templates that I use to save you time and focus your efforts to get maximum results.

I call them my 80/20 Sourcing Essentials Toolkit. These are real world negotiation scenarios, email scripts, checklists, and templates to equip you in every situation so you can save time, money, and frustrations.

BONUS: 80/20 Sourcing Essentials Toolkit

  • Trustworthy supplier checklist - how to size up your supplier in 30 seconds
  • RFQ script - Helps you create the perfect RFQ to find that trustworthy supplier you need even if you’re small and new
  • Supplier Snapshot Spreadsheet - Easily organize your suppliers’ responses and instantly spot the suppliers you should focus on and which ones you should pass
  • Amazon Private Label Cost and Margin Calculator - By calculating your margins you will learn how whether or not to pull the trigger on an order. Also how much to negotiate, find out where you can cut costs, and ultimately decide whether your product is worth selling or not!
  • Purchase Order Template - Everything you need in one place before placing a purchase order
  • Payment Method Comparison Chart - Save on fees and reduce risks of fraud by understanding which payment methods are best for sample orders, trial orders, larger orders. And how to pay by credit card.
  • Pre-shipment Inspection Checklist - A step-by-step checklist of what items you should include in your inspection so you don’t miss anything that could cause your problems later
  • My recommended 3rd party inspection agencies - So you can ensure product quality is up to standard before the shipment leaves the factory
  • Air Freight Checklist - The entire process and what you need to get from your supplier to ship by air quickly
  • Sea Freight Checklist - The entire process explained and a list of all the documents you need from your supplier and freight forwarder so your shipment won’t be delayed
  • The Language of Shipping - Understand the fundamentals of shipping explained in PLAIN ENGLISH so you know your FOBs from your DDPs and your EXWs
  • Corrective Action Plan Template - To quickly get your supplier to fix quality problems and prevent them in the future to save you money and headaches
  • Bonus: Online Sellers Negotiations Guide with Chinese Suppliers (NEW) - A playbook to show you how I negotiate, how I learn of market pricing, and what you can negotiate besides price so you’re not leaving any money on the table.
  • Amazon Selling - How to add Backend Search Terms or Keywords in Seller Central
These tactics took me years to learn. It's like having a coach who knows the ins and outs of sourcing from China and is an experienced Amazon seller guide you through every step of the process... except you can do it on your own schedule.

With these videos and materials you can watch and take action at your own pace even if you are working a 60 hour workweek!

Some of my students put their kids to bed at 9pm and then work on your Amazon business until midnight. Others work on their Amazon business on the weekends. Or you can be like me and wake up an hour earlier to work on your #1 priority task. These videos are available 24/7 and you will get lifetime access.

And when I update 80/20 Sourcing Essentials with new material going forward which you will have access to it.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Will 80/20 Sourcing Essentials work for me?

80/20 Sourcing Essentials is for you if are new to Amazon private labeling or you want to improve the sourcing process of your business. All of the tactics from my course are tested and proven.

I've consolidated all of my best tactics, high level sourcing strategy, as well as cultural and business values insights to take your sourcing and Amazon business to the next level. With this you will have the knowledge and confidence to go forward in your Amazon business.

"Your coaching gave us the confidence to make that first move into engagement with China-based suppliers, knowing that we were doing so with guidance and advice based on a wealth of experience. The RFQs which you helped us to develop for suppliers were well-received, and immediately provided several good quality leads on each of the products in which we were interested.”

David B, UK

Rather than waiting until October to go to the Canton Fair and spending thousands of dollars on plane tickets and hotels and a week’s worth of time flying back and forth to China you can use 80/20 Sourcing Essentials to find a trustworthy supplier from the comfort of your home or office ANYWHERE in the world. And you can do it TODAY

Is this information already available in your other webinars or on Jungle Scout?

This course contains information not available anywhere else. My webinars on Jungle Scout and other sites are a great intro but if you really want to take it to the next level, then you should join today to give yourself every advantage. I walk you through the entire process and answer all questions along the way.

I've purchased other courses and they didn't work for me. How is this course different from everything else out there?
One of my students purchased another course but she came to me for help when she was stuck in the sourcing phase.

“Gary has knowledge that is not out there in the mainstream. I read extensively about sourcing products, but none of the other gurus I follow have made Gary’s suggestions. I learned about ways I could save money, none of which had occurred to me. In addition, having worked in the international world for all of my career and knowing how important effective cross-cultural communication is, I really appreciate Gary’s emphasis on the importance of understanding and following Chinese cultural norms. I consider his guidance about this to be invaluable. I consider him to be a key member of my team and I will continue to use his services as I move forward with my business.”

Maria F, Virginia USA

Will this work for me if I don’t live in the US?

YES, I’ve helped people from all over the world including the England, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Portugal, Italy, India, the Dominican Republic, and the US.

I don’t have a product in mind yet, is this right for me?

YES, I’ve included a lesson on how to select the right first product to source for your Amazon business.

Couldn't I do this myself?

You can do it on your own but why not give yourself every advantage? There is a lot of free information out there but who can you trust?

It will save you a lot of time because you won't have to try to listen to endless free podcasts, you tube videos, pour over Facebook groups, or surf the internet trying to find answers. [Gary] will know the answer as an experienced Amazon seller himself. ”

Laura, Oregon USA

You don't want to spend 6 months getting stuck in Alibaba hell trying to find the right supplier to start your business. You want to hit the ground running. The Amazon FBA market is getting crowded. Fast. Don't you want to get your product live and running before someone else takes that niche you've been researching? Buy now before it's too late!

Sure you can wait until the “right time” but can you afford not taking action now and letting months pass you by? Imagine if you had this knowledge one year ago. Some of the top Amazon sellers in their niches started less than 12 months ago and today they have 7-figure businesses. That could have been you if you took action.

These niches are filling up fast so are you going to get in the game or are you going to sit on the sidelines to watch this “Amazon Gold rush” pass you by?

Imagine where you would be in:

    • 1 month:
        • Come up with a list of profitable products
        • Research products and shortlist 3-5 profitable product ideas
      • Begin sourcing and find a trustworthy supplier that has your product, as a good enough price and can offer you a sample
    • 2-3 months:
        • Identify a supplier that you’re satisfied with
        • Place a Purchase order.
        • Decide on shipping and arrange logistics
      • Create Amazon product listing
    • 3-4 months:
        • Order Production
        • Quality control
        • Launch strategy
        • Product is up and live on Amazon and you just got your first sale!
      • Consider adding your 2nd and 3rd private label products
    • 4-6 months:
        • Almost sold out of your first trial order so get ready to place a second order.
        • File for a trademark
      • Identify ways to improve your product and packaging to differentiate from your competitors and increase order value
    • 6-9 months:
        • Scale your business to hit your target of 6 figures and $10k in profit per month.
      • Build a brand off of Amazon
    • 9-12 months
      • Inventory management and planning for peak periods - Q4, Prime Day, etc.
  • 12 months
      • Start looking for flights to Hawaii for that long deserved vacation
    • Consider quiting your J-O-B
I've structured my course into short 20 minute lessons with next action steps for you to complete. Some of my students spend time in the evenings on this after putting their kids to bed on this. Whatever routine works for you it's important that you stick with it.

Psychologists have found that in order to develop a habit you must do something five times. By using 80/20 Sourcing Essentials, this will help structure your work so that you develop a daily routine working on your business.

What if I already work with a sourcing agent? Knowledge is power. Even if you are hiring someone to handle the sourcing for you, it pays to know the details of the process so nobody pulls anything over you. Sourcing can be a dirty business and if you don't what's going on you may be leaving money on the table at best and end up with disaster at worst. It pays for you to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Sourcing from China has always been and continues to be a “black box.” Some if it is intentional kickbacks, bait and switch, hiding the truth, etc. I will open the kimono and expose the dirty tricks some suppliers play and how to find trustworthy suppliers and how to avoid the bad apples by sharing with you my deep cultural knowledge of China having worked with hundreds of Chinese suppliers. At the same time a lot of problems stem from language, cultural and ethical differences, and communications leading to misunderstandings. I will show you how to learn to overcome these obstacles to reduce frustrations and save you time and money.


When I worked as a Director of Sourcing at my old company we used to bill clients up to $8,000 per month for these kinds of experience, insights, and expertise.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and distilled it into eight videos with over 2 hours of content and also the 80/20 essentials toolkit for only $497. You will have the knowledge and confidence you need to successfully find the right trustworthy suppliers to grow your business. It’s like having a proven playbook by your side guiding you through every step of the process.
I bought your course... I cannot be more happy, you have taught me very valuable lessons. I was a about to buy a very big order from China, but decided to follow your advice. From $6, now I have received quotations ranging $1 to $3! I have not decided yet who to buy from, but I just wanted to say thank you, at this point I am really amazed!
-Ricardo M., USA

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I offer a full 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find just one trustworthy supplier for your product, over the lifetime of your business that could mean thousands of dollars in profit or even a 6 or 7-figure business! At best you will get a 5,000X return on investment and at worst you will not lose a penny because if after buying and taking the course, you don’t love 80/20 Sourcing Essentials, email me to show me that you’ve done the work and I’ll refund every penny. You can take the entire course and if you’re not satisfied, email me for a full refund. I’m so confident this will help you and your business I’m putting my money where my mouth is. It’s no risk to you. Click below to join now and start today!

80/20 Sourcing Essentials

Here’s what you get
-Full video course
-80/20 Sourcing Toolkit

One-time payment of $497


4 Monthly Payments of $149 per month

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin