Never say I don’t have time to grow my business again… Scale and Systemize your Amazon business from 6 to 7 figures TODAY

Never say I don’t have time to grow my business again… Scale and Systemize your Amazon business from 6 to 7 figures TODAY

Are you an Amazon FBA business owner who’s running a “one-man” or “one-woman show”? You might be working a full-time job in addition to your FBA business as a side hustle.

You’ve probably watched Jungle Scout’s Million Dollar Case study, listened to countless “Amazon gurus” on podcasts and youtube, or taken courses like ASM so you have a basic level of knowledge.

You might have a couple of SKUs up and running. You may have up to $1k in sales a day from your one or two products.

Now your goal is to grow to a 7-figure business. Ultimately you want to build a business that replaces your income so you can quit your job and spend more time with your family.

Or travel to a warm climate like Hawaii, the Caribbean, or South East Asia.

Or build up and ultimately sell this business so you can pursue your passions like starting up that consultancy or doing non-profit work.

But wait… it’s not so easy to get hit that monthly revenue goal.

You might be COMPLETELY DISORGANIZED right now contacting suppliers, trying to keep track of cash flow and forecasting when to reorder your products, running profitable PPC campaigns, trying to figure out FB ads and influencer marketing, and not having enough time to do everything.

So how do you plan to hit that goal?

You may have thought of expanding your product line and adding 4-10 SKUs this year to hit a monthly revenue goal of $50k to $100k.

But one thing preventing you from growing super rapidly and launching products is not being to SOURCE a lot of product really quick.

You already know how to use Alibaba to find products and suppliers from China. But let’s be real for a minute.

You don’t like to do it. It takes a ton of time to contact 20 suppliers and going through which is which on a spreadsheet can make it feel like you’re going through “Alibaba Hell”.

The process is so slow to vet suppliers, make tweaks to products, create and send drawings, and get samples. It could take months finding the right product and supplier and then 30 days manufacturing.

Sometimes communications slow down. You don’t have a choice so you must follow “their ways.”

Others of you may be almost exclusively selling wholesale or arbitrage and looking to expand your own private label business into new product categories. The products you sold in the past are “other people’s products”. Maybe you’ve been selling on your own websites for 10 years.

You want to use Amazon as a springboard for sales and go from there. You’ve identified new markets with tremendous demand but the challenge is to source new products faster.

But Private Label is different. You need to start doing your own PPC. You need to start managing your own manufacturing and sourcing. You need to start learning about freight forwarding, deciding whether to ship by air or sea, and trying to reduce shipping costs.

For business owners like this, manufacturing and sourcing the product is often the hardest.

You’re STRUGGLING with sourcing and finding the right solutions for your business. You may have even travelled to China and visited the factory or the Canton Fair.

But it’s very time-consuming.

And your challenge now is lack of time.

“We have the money to invest but not the time. By building our systems it’s helping us to expand and helping us to leverage the time resource – that’s the most limiting” – Ariel

We all have the same 168 hours in a week. But what separates the winners from the losers?

In my years of running e-commerce businesses, offline businesses, and working with professionals and entrepreneurs around the world, I’ve discovered that the top performers, the CEOs, and the most successful have learned how to maximize their time and how efficient they are.

There are several key levers that help you realize and focus your efforts to add the most value to your business and grow… while not trying to do a million things and chase every shiny new object.

“The levers were a surprise. I’ve definitely heard it before and sometimes you hear things and they don’t click. But that CLICKED and it was helpful…. Biggest thing for me of taking the 80/20 rule helped me prioritize. That’s a big benefit with someone that’s already gone before you.” – Ellis

To try to free up your time maybe you’ve read The Four Hour Workweek and thought about hiring a VA.

But you don’t know what tasks can be outsourced to them.

Or you may have searched for and interviewed several VAs but didn’t find anybody who could do the work. One guy was not reliable and others weren’t capable of doing the job.

Or you may be concerned about giving administrative rights to a VA in India or China. They could potentially mess things up or even walk away with your business.

How do you figure out what you can outsource, what you should NEVER outsource, and how to find VAs that are trustworthy?

“I really liked the templates you gave us to hire [VAs]. We had worked on it before but it didn’t work out. We couldn’t find anyone. But with your templates we found two people within hours! And later picked up a third one.” – Dora

As your online business grows, you want the business to support your lifestyle and be a primary source of income.

But soon you found out that your profit margins are low. Lower than you expected.

Even if you were making money it was not going to your pocket. It was GOING OUT OF YOUR POCKET to buy more inventory for your business.

You may even have taken out loans from family or maxed out your credit cards to keep up with your business costs.

Besides that cash flow is also an issue. Right now you may have several product ideas that you could order and launch, but you’re lacking the cash flow to do so. You have a lot of inventory currently at Amazon and being shipped, so you need to sell a substantial part of that before you launch a new product.

How are you going to scale your business to 7 figures if you have all these obstacles in your way and you spend all your time working IN your business and not ON your business?

The 80/20 Secret to Scaling

Is it just a matter of SELLING MORE and adding more SKUs quickly?

In terms of sales, one thing you really want to do is grow beyond from Amazon and protect the success you already have.

Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a wise idea.

And just by doing the same things you’ve been doing you have this feeling that your business won’t sustain in the long term.

If you don’t own your own channel and have a decent amount of volume, it’s very risky to have the majority of your sales in one channel. Amazon suspensions happen all the time and that could spell the end of your business overnight.

A flood of competitors can come in and start a price war leading to a race to the bottom. Not only that Chinese sellers are jumping in the Amazon platform every day. I spoke to some Amazon insiders and they told me that Amazon hosts conventions in China to teach local sellers how to sell on Amazon.

If you don’t play your cards right beware – this is becoming a red ocean. A bloodbath with no winners.

You’re worried that your sales may go away unless you reinvest and learn more.

So you may have thought of growing your business OFF-Amazon through Walmart, eBay, and your own website. You want to grow your own email list and grow your own channel.

I know this feeling because I was in your situation before.

I was a one-man show trying to do everything myself. Then I learned how to systemize and scale my business.

Before that I did it all myself – answering customer emails, creating purchase orders, booking shipments, putting out fires, this that and the other thing.

Then I thought I got smart and hired my first VA from India for a few dollars per hour and that’s the end of work right? WRONG!

That VA claimed to have experience creating Amazon product listing but when I asked them to do it I found out otherwise. They didn’t understand what I wanted. We went back and forth through email. Then their computer “broke down” and they went AWOL for several days.

I thought this was a one-off so I let that her go and hired a second VA. It was the same deal!

What was I missing?

Then I learned how to systematize my business and how to hire the right VA.

Now I have created systems where I can delegate tasks to team members so I never have to do it again. It frees up hours of time every day so I can work ON my business rather than in my business.

I can work on the strategy and growth of my business rather than bogged down in the day to day details.

And if I want I can travel. I was able to fly to visit and spend several weeks with my family in LA for the holidays last year.

I can also work on my passion projects one of which is to help underprivileged children and orphanages in Cambodia.

And I can do this while having my business run smoothly in the background.

One of my students, after taking the course and beginning to implement the strategies and systems was able to travel from Israel to London, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York City and more while running his business in the background.

And you can do it too.

But I’ve made my mistakes along the way. I picked products that were a success initially but later became a dud. Sales dropped from 15-20 sales per day to 2-3. These product failures were critical lessons I learned in how to build a brand beyond Amazon.

I’ve been working in e-Commerce since 2004 when I first started off working at Google in their AdWords department. My job was to review AdWords ads for editorial content. Some ads were approved and others were disapproved because of content. Later a light bulb went off and sparked my curiosity in online retail and e-commerce.

Over the years I’ve sold on eBay, Amazon, and my own e-commerce sites. I’ve sold products ranging from footwear, fashion apparel, accessories, kitchen items, outdoor products, and health/sports products.

After moving to Shanghai in 2008, I shifted gears to sourcing. In my prior job, I managed multi-million dollar sourcing campaigns for clients who sourced solar energy products, auto parts, exercise equipment, electronics, and more from China. I’ve worked with and visited hundreds of Chinese factories, negotiated everything from pricing, terms, compensation, to factory visits so I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of sourcing.

I’m also an Amazon and online seller myself that’s practicing what I’m preaching.

I’ve been invited to speak and share my business insights and experiences in e-commerce and product sourcing with NPR, Bloomberg BNA, Jungle Scout,, Global Sources Sellers’ Summit, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, among others.

Sure you could hire a business coach for $25,000 but how do you know they are familiar with running an Amazon business and how to grow beyond it?

You could pay for an overpriced course for $5,000 but it will probably only covers the basics and you’re already beyond that. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that there is a gap.

There are a lot of free podcasts and youtube videos out there about getting started, chasing new tactics, rumors of policy changes, and fighting off Chinese sellers, etc. But there is a lack of clarity as to what the path of growth should be for sellers.

What should you focus on to grow your business so that you’re not trying to do a million things at once and chasing every new shiny object?

Introducing Ascend 80/20, an 8 week video course to scale and systemize your Amazon business from 6 to 7 figures.

This course contains 8 pre-recorded modules to help you go from a frantic one-man or one-woman show chasing every new shiny object to a calm, cool, and collected CEO of a systemized 7-figure business. You can watch and listen to them at any time.

Each week a new module will open up with a video, next steps, and task lists for you to follow and grow your business. We’ve tested this and found this will help you FOCUS on one strategy and growth tactic at a time so you will get results faster than skipping around.

Here’s exactly how it works:
Week 1: The 3 Simple Levers to Grow your Business and How to Quickly add SKUs
  • 80/20 Rule for Amazon Sellers – a guiding principle to decide what you should be working on to grow your business… and what you should stop wasting your time on
  • Simple ways to quickly add SKUs to scale your business without having to email 20 suppliers and get stuck in “Alibaba Hell”
  • How to attend a trade show like a pro to find the right suppliers, know what questions to ask, and decide is it worth your while to make that trip?
  • The do’s and don’ts of talking with Chinese Suppliers to improve communications and reduce headaches
Week 2: Hiring a VA and Systemizing your business to Create free time
  • Learning the specific system that we use to quickly hire VAs and systematize your business… even if you tried it yourself and couldn’t find the right ones
  • Get instant access to working procedures (SOPs) to run the main aspects of an Amazon business that you can steal and use right away
  • How to grow your business so you’re spending less time working in your business and more time working on your business
Week 3: Growing a business off Amazon, Creating a Brand that Lasts, Overcoming Competition
  • Shopify, WordPress, Ebay, Walmart, Jet, Wish – where do you go first? What should you avoid? And when it’s not worthwhile?
  • How to create a brand off Amazon that’s sustainable
  • Secrets of Overcoming Competition – differentiate your product in competitive markets… even if you’re selling the same item as your competition
Week 4: Advanced PPC Optimization
  • The exact system to follow to instantly monitor and increase your Amazon Sponsored Search ROI
  • Quick ways to double down on winning search terms to increase sales
  • Cut the bleeders to lower your wasted spend and ACOS so you’re not paying all your profits to Amazon
Week 5: The 80/20 of Social Media and Influencer marketing
  • How to create Facebook Ads quickly and decide which Ad Types to use to maximize your ROI
  • Learn the secret to retargeting your existing Amazon customers even if you don’t have their email address… and to create new lookalike audiences
  • The Model for Influencer Marketing – an exact template to use to get the right influencers to promote your products… for free
  • Insider information on the going rates for influencers so you don’t overpay
Week 6: International Expansion: EU and Japan
  • The quickest ways to register for and start selling in EU and Japan so you don’t get stuck waiting for months for your account to be approved
  • Strategy to get started selling in EU without having to VAT register and still be fully compliant with Amazon and EU tax laws
  • When in Rome… How to localize your products and speak the language of your customers in international markets so they want to buy from you
  • General rules of thumb when selecting products in foreign markets so you don’t pick the wrong ones and are forced to eat the costs
  • Estimated costs required so you can budget ahead
Week 7: How to manage cash flow, increase revenue, cut expenses so you keep more profit in your pocket
  • Learn ways to increase cash flow besides just increasing sales…
  • Get a little help from your friends – The power of relationships in improving your cash flow
  • Learn the secrets of where to look to cut your costs and expenses instantly
  • When to take on debt, what options are out there and best options for your growing business… regardless if you’re in the US or international
Week 8: Inventory forecasting, freight forwarding, 3PL warehousing
  • How to quickly figure out the right amount of inventory to order, when to order, and how much keep so you don’t go out of stock and lose sales to your competitors
  • Learn how the pros balance their inventory so on one hand they always have product in stock and on the other avoid getting eaten alive by Amazon’s monthly and long term storage fees
  • Best practices to make your shipping more efficient to increase your margins
Here’s a sneak peak of what the course looks like:


Not only that because my goal is to do everything I can to ensure the success of my students, as a special bonus I’ll share with you my black book of contractors, sourcing agents, packaging suppliers, attorneys, and other team members to ensure your success.

These are proven experts in their fields and professionals who I trust and worked with over the years.

Others may keep these secrets close to their chest but I’m opening the book so you don’t have to spend time and money searching for and finding the wrong people who can screw up your business.

This is different from what contacts are freely given because I’ve personally vetted these experts. They are who they say they are and they’re familiar with the needs of Amazon and E-commerce business owners. So they will help you take your business to the next level without needing you to hold their hands and telling them every last detail about your needs.

Bonus 1: Ascend 80/20 – Black Book of Recommended Contractors

“It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know”

I will share the contractors that I recommend based on my years of business around the world.

This includes:

    • Sourcing agent – My trusted sourcing agent in China consistently gets incredible results for clients who want to add SKUs with a single point of contact. Nothing gets past her.
    • “Apple Quality” Packaging supplier – You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is my secret to creating super high-quality design and packaging. They’re used by many leading electronics, apparel, and gift retailers and you’ve already seen their packaging in the Apple store, Target, Costco and more… This will definitely set you apart from your competition who are using standard boxes from their Chinese factories. Create an unforgettable unboxing experience your customers will love.
    • 3rd Party Inspection Agency VIP Product Inspection Manager – Stop eating bad product that you paid to ship over there. Rather than be just a number in the crowd, I will connect you with my private account manager at my 3rd party inspection agency for VIP service to get you and your inspections ready FAST. He is an all-star and will know the right questions to ask and what you should look out for when arranging a pre-shipment inspection to minimize your risks of product defects and maximize your product quality.
    • Custom Manufacturer in China – 90% of Amazon sellers have not customized their products and are selling me too products. Rather than hunting for the right custom manufacturer, my man in China owns several factories and has delivered numerous successful US Kickstarter campaigns so he knows how to create winners and can do it for you.
    • PPC Expert – Outsource and optimize PPC campaigns for you so you can make more money. He can handle your Sponsored Search campaigns for you when your business is ready.
    • Trademark Attorney to protect your Trademarks, IP, and help with contracts. She has over 100 wins under her belt and she’s protected big brands like the ones you use everyday and she can be a key player and advisor on your team as well.
    • Amazon suspensions attorney who specializes in helping you get your account back quickly and with the least pain as possible. Also, he knows the most common causes of suspensions and can help you avoid them so your business doesn’t get shut down
    • Attorney in China – If you need local support on the ground in China my attorney knows the ins and outs of Chinese contracts, can support with contract translations, and protecting your brand, trademarks, and IP in China.
    • Translators for German, French, Spanish, French, and Japanese – Forget wasting time searching on Upwork, etc. so you can rapidly localize your listings and start selling into the EU and Japan
    • Freight forwarder/3rd party logistics – you might be shipping from China but are you doing it the “right way”? In other words, are you leaving money on the table?
  • Lifestyle Photographer – My US-based lifestyle photographer can create gorgeous lifestyle images of your products on models using your product in action… and he will do at reasonable prices so you can attract more customers.

These contacts alone will save you hours of searching for the right person yourself. This way you can surround yourself with the right team members to make your business more effective and maximize your chances for success.

If you were to do it yourself and you picked the wrong person it may not also waste your money but it will also waste your valuable time that you will never get back.

These contacts took me years to build up. It’s like having a million dollar rolodex of experts on your team to support you as you grow your business.

“(Your sourcing agent) has been working with us and she is incredible. It is making sourcing in China so much more effective” – Ariel

“Most importantly I wanted to build some relationships and I did… The opportunity to get to know those relationships are worth a heck a lot more than [the cost] of the course.” – Andy

And as an additional bonus, I will share with you the exact Systems, working procedures, templates, and SOPs that I use to run aspects of my Amazon business.

Bonus 2: Ascend 80/20 Systems and Templates

This way you can copy them and hand them to your VA and they can use them right away to take the work off your shoulders.

This will save you a ton of time for instance on customer service email replies. This was one of the first things I outsourced and it freed up several hours of work a week.

Creating an Amazon shipping plan is another working procedure that saves me from the details of creating a shipment myself. My VA can follow the step by step procedure to create the shipment and coordinate the details with my supplier so I can focus on growing my business rather than getting bogged in the day to day details.

Monitoring your listings for negative reviews is another game changer. Every one of these working procedures is a time saver that will add more free time to your schedule.

Imagine you could run your business in the background as you travel. Or you can use that additional time to grow your business by expanding internationally. Or you can simply use that additional time to spend it with your family.

Whatever you do that time is yours.

“We have the money to invest but not the time. By building our systems you’re helping us to expand and helping us to leverage the time resource – that’s the most limiting” – Ariel

Bonus 3: Guest Presenters by 7-figure sellers and Experts for Mastermind and Mastermind Live Students (limited seats)

For those of you who choose to upgrade to Ascend 80/20 Mastermind and Mastermind Live, you will have 6 weekly coaching calls where we will take Q&A, discuss strategies, and accountability.

“Having the accountability aspect – the idea that we have a week to work on this and have results ready the next week. It makes a big difference and it helped a lot” – Ellis

Moreover, I will invite guest presenters who are 7-figure sellers and subject experts to share their insights and experiences so you can directly learn from their successes and failures. There will also be time for Q&A so you can directly engage with them to maximize your learning.

“I was surprised it was fairly open and transparent. There were real people on the other end of the line with real video chat. It wasn’t just 500 people listening to you. There was intimacy and that was cool” – Andy

But if you’re interested, I recommend you buy now to avoid disappointment later because we can only support a limited number of seats at the mastermind level. This way you can have more direct interaction with other students and the instructors.

For example, we invited Sean, who’s a PPC expert to do a live teardown of one of our students’ PPC campaigns to show how to quickly and easily optimize a large PPC campaign, identify the winning search terms and how to double down on them to increase ROI. Also, he showed exactly how to quick cut out the losers from bleeding your cash and it was a game-changer because afterwards they were able to do it themselves or outsource it to their VAs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you offering sourcing help or have you become a teacher?

A: In addition to being an online seller myself, I’ve worked with hundreds of Amazon and online sellers over the years.

Sourcing is one important part of the business and I’m expanding beyond sourcing by helping sellers scale and systemize their businesses through my training courses.

Q: Will Ascend 80/20 work for me?

A: Ascend 80/20 is not a beginner’s course. It will work for you if you already have a basic level of knowledge of selling on Amazon. For smart sellers who are really working at it and could use the next steps. More specifically:

1) Already an Amazon Private Label business with over $10k in monthly revenues or are a Wholesale business with at least $10k in monthly revenue revenues

2) The course is fairly demanding so it requires a certain level of motivation and practical level of getting things done. And willpower. Make sure you can commit at least 4-5 hours a week to watch the video and implement the homework so you can grow your business.

If you do not fulfill the above the criteria, please do not buy.

Q: How is this course different from anything else out there?

A: Ascend 80/20 is focused on teaching you the proven methods to scale and systemize your business and how to grow your brand beyond Amazon. There are plenty of beginner and more general Amazon courses out there. This course will show you the next steps to take your business to the next level so you can work ON your business and not IN your business.

First, we will look at the 3 key levers you will use to grow your business. Then we will look at how to quickly add SKUs.

Next, we will cover how to systemize your business and how to quickly hire VAs so you can unchain yourself from your business. We will also learn how to build a brand off of Amazon.

In terms of marketing, we will cover Advanced PPC optimization, the 80/20 of Social Media: Facebook Ads, Instagram, and Influencer marketing.

In terms of expansion, we will dive deep into strategies to quickly and affordably expand into the EU and Japan to generate sales ASAP.

Also, we will cover proven methods on increasing cash flow, inventory management so you don’t run out of stock, cutting costs in freight forwarding, and warehousing.

And you will get the exact working procedures (SOPs), templates, and worksheets so you can take action and implement them to grow your business right away.

Q: Do I have to attend the mastermind calls live?

A: The live calls are available to students at the MASTERMIND and MASTERMIND LIVE levels. If you can’t make the live calls no worries. All the calls will be recorded and you can view them at your convenience.

Q: Will there be recorded mastermind calls only for 2nd and 3rd options?

A: No the Ascend 80/20 Essentials level will have access to recorded calls but not a seat in the live calls. For the MASTERMIND and MASTERMIND LIVE levels, you will have a seat on both the live call and get the recordings afterwards.

Q: Will this be one of the courses that totally explain the good sides but never really explain the loopholes and potential pitfalls?

A: I’ve been working in e-commerce since 2004 and sourcing from China since 2008. Over the years i’ve been doing this I’ve had successes and failures. This course contains actual case studies and real SKUs that we use and we will look at both successes and product failures so you can learn from these mistakes.

These cases were super useful to my students…

“It helped us to think strategically of dangers of only staying on Amazon platform itself. It helped give us a kick in the ass to go beyond amazon to keep this business sustainable. Specifically… how do we really make next moves. How to take it off of Amazon, to build a brand and craft space to make it something that lasts” -Ariel

Q: Is this gonna be new stuff and give me any information that different what I can find in Jungle Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study?

A: Jungle Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study gives a good overview of the basics of selling on Amazon. In Ascend 80/20, this is for more intermediate/advanced sellers who want to grow and scale their existing business.

A lot of the content is based on building a sustainable business OUTSIDE of Amazon. This opens a bigger window of different ideas.

“You’re going in many different directions in a different way than what Jungle Scout is doing. I was happy about that… ” -Torben

Q: Are you going to support with our questions?

A: Yes, I will be available by email for support to all students.

For students who signup at the MASTERMIND level (limited seats), we will have 6 weekly Mastermind Coaching Calls.

For students who signup at the MASTERMIND LIVE level (limited seats), you will have access to the six weekly coaching calls and a Live in-person mastermind meeting in Hong Kong in April. I will reachout to those students individually.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the level of support and help that you personally gave everyone… When I had question about issues how to deal with factory – helped me privately that was really helpful” – Ariel

Q: Will this work for me if I don’t live in the US?

A: YES. It will work for you whether you live in the world. US, UK, Germany, Australia, Israel, Asia, or any country in the world so long as you have an internet connection and a business you want to grow.

For the mastermind calls, we will schedule a time that will work out for most all of you even if I have to wake up at 5 am my local time. If you miss a call no worries, they will be recorded and you can view or listen to them at your convenience.

Q: I don’t have a product in mind yet, is this right for me?

A: NO, if you don’t have a product yet, I encourage you to consider reading my free blog content or join my beginner level course 80/20 Sourcing Essentials to get your business up and running first.

Q: Couldn’t I do this myself?

A: Let’s be brutally honest for a minute. If you don’t even have the time to figure how to systemize your business, how to hire a VA, and prioritize what you should be working on (and what NOT to do)… then how can you possibly do it yourself without support and guidance from others who’ve done it already?

Sure there is a lot of free information out there but who can you trust?

“It will save you a lot of time because you won’t have to try to listen to endless free podcasts, you tube videos, pour over Facebook groups, or surf the internet trying to find answers. [Gary] will know the answer as an experienced Amazon seller himself. ” – Laura

This course will help you shortcut the time you waste chasing shiny new objects and trying out a million things out there.

Imagine where you would be in:

  • 2 weeks – Systematized and used my templates to create a much more serious business. Hired VA to free up your time and run your business more smoothly
  • 2 months – Started to your business off of Amazon. Run profitable FB ads and Influencer marketing.
  • 2-3 months – Improve Cashflow and inventory management to prevent stockouts. Added 4-6 new SKUs.
  • 3-6 months: International expansion!
  • 6-9 months – Doubled sales!
  • 9-12 months – Hit your revenue goal and have financial freedom

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I offer a full 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you apply just one insight from this course that could mean exponentially growing your business from 6 to 7 figures.

At best you will scale your business to 7 figures and beyond. At worst you will not lose a penny because after buying and taking my course, if you don’t love Ascend 80/20, just email me to show you that you’ve done the work and we will refund every penny.

You can take the entire course and if you’re not satisfied, email me for a full refund.

My goal this year is to do everything I can to help my students succeed. So your success is my success so I’m putting my money where my mouth is. It’s no risk to you. Join now to start systemizing and scaling your business today!


Ascend 80/20 Essentials

Ascend 80/20 Mastermind

Ascend 80/20 Mastermind LIVE – LIMITED SEATS

Full video course Full video course Full video course
Blackbook Blackbook Blackbook
Ascend 80/20 Systems and templates Ascend 80/20 Systems and templates Ascend 80/20 Systems and templates
6 RECORDED Weekly Mastermind Coaching Calls 6 LIVE Weekly Mastermind Coaching Calls 6 Live Weekly Mastermind Coaching Calls
Live 1 hour In-Person Mastermind and Trade Show walkthrough in Hong Kong in April (dates TBD) Live 1 hour In-Person Mastermind and Trade Show walkthrough in Hong Kong in April (dates TBD) Live 1 hour In-Person Mastermind and Trade Show walkthrough in Hong Kong in April (dates TBD)
3 Monthly Payments of $267
Pay in Full and Save $100
3 Monthly Payments of $367
Pay in Full and Save $100
4 Monthly Payments of $497
Pay in Full and Save $200

Are you still on the fence?

Are you wondering about the cash commitment? Do I need to add 4-6 SKUs all at once?

First off, I know you need to put money into buying more inventory.

But you don’t need to add 4-6 SKUs all at once. In fact, we will cover ways to grow your business without adding any additional SKUs!

If you do decide to add them you can add them one at a time. There’s no rush unless you’re ready to add them.

In addition, you will learn new ways to maximize cash flow and how other top sellers get financing to scale their business. Even Phil Knight had cashflow issues for many years as he grew Nike from a startup in Oregon to the billion dollar empire today.

You will also learn how to manage your inventory purchases and how not to run out of stock. That will definitely improve your cash flow.

To make it easier on you to pay for this course, I’m offering monthly payments rather than one lump sum. If you do decide to pay in a single lump sum you will receive a special discount which I feel is very reasonable.

I want to do this but will it all be worth it? What’s the time commitment? Do I have time to take this course?

This course will be fairly challenging.

Remember this – To be successful you must be willing to do things that other people are NOT willing to do in order to get results.

If you’re doing the same thing as everyone else how can you expect to get different results?

So this course will require 4-5 hours a week of work.

You can break this down to one hour a day. You can wake up earlier in the morning before work. Or you can work on it after you put the kids to bed at night. Or you can listen to the lessons during your commute. There will be both Video and Audio as well as PDFs of the slides you can download and view at your convenience.

Even if you’re traveling or getting ready for your wedding that’s fine to miss a week.

You will have LIFETIME access. If you join now you will have full access to future upgrades. Also, I will raise the price of the course in the future so the early birds catch the worm.

Ask yourself this – At the end of the day will you be the person that binges on Game of Thrones or Netflix or will you be the person willing to put in that extra effort to create that system, reach out to that influencer, or assign tasks to your VA to scale your business to 7-figures so you can replace your income and cut ties with your J-O-B?

So you can spend more time with your family?

So you can have the ability to travel and run your business in the background?

And ultimately to have the freedom to pursue your passions? Join today to invest in yourself and take the steps to reach your goals.

Ascend 80/20 Essentials

Ascend 80/20 Mastermind

Ascend 80/20 Mastermind LIVE – LIMITED SEATS

Full video course Full video course Full video course
Blackbook Blackbook Blackbook
Ascend 80/20 Systems and templates Ascend 80/20 Systems and templates Ascend 80/20 Systems and templates
6 RECORDED Weekly Mastermind Coaching Calls 6 LIVE Weekly Mastermind Coaching Calls 6 LIVE Weekly Mastermind Coaching Calls
Live 1 hour In-Person Mastermind and Trade Show walkthrough in Hong Kong in April (dates TBD) Live 1 hour In-Person Mastermind and Trade Show walkthrough in Hong Kong in April (dates TBD) Live 1 hour In-Person Mastermind and Trade Show walkthrough in Hong Kong in April (dates TBD)
3 Monthly Payments of $267
Pay in Full and Save $100
3 Monthly Payments of $367
Pay in Full and Save $100
4 Monthly Payments of $497
Pay in Full and Save $200