If you want to do it yourself, here’s your chance to get one-on-one help from me to guide you through your sourcing challenges.  We can cover anything you like.  The coaching can be done over Skype call or email, whichever you prefer.

Many of my students have had questions like these:

  • How to put together a request for quotation?
  • How to increase supplier response rates and times?
  • How many suppliers should I contact?
  • How long to expect to wait for a reply?
  • How to find high quality manufacturer who is authentic in price and MOQ?
  • How to tell the difference who is a manufacturer and who is a trading company?
  • How to monitor quality control (QC) during production to prevent mistakes?
  • How to arrange pre-shipment inspections so you don’t get screwed?
  • How to your designs so they aren’t stolen by Chinese factories and wake up one day and to your product photos all over Alibaba?
  • How to negotiate individual sample orders with suppliers?
  • How to protect my money when making payments – Paypal, T/T, Bank Transfer, Alibaba Escrow, Western Union?

I will also help you avoid the most common mistakes sourcing to protect your hard-earned money.

“Gary is a complete wealth of knowledge when it comes to sourcing and working with suppliers in China.  He’s shared tons of information that has saved me a lot of money and headaches when successfully sourcing products.” Greg Mercer, Junglescout

Here’s what some of my students say:

“During my coaching session, I learned about ways I could save money, none of which had occurred to me.  I read extensively about sourcing products, but none of the other gurus I follow have made Gary’s suggestions.  In addition, having worked in the international world for all of my career and knowing how important effective cross-cultural communication is, I really appreciate Gary’s emphasis on the importance of understanding and following Chinese cultural norms.  I consider his guidance about this to be invaluable.  Gary has knowledge that is not out there in the main stream.  I consider him to be a key member of my team and I will continue to use his coaching services as I move forward with my business.” Maria F. 

“If you’re a guy that likes to do everything yourself, you need a sourcing coach to learn from and setup expectations. Gary did just this for me. He helped me contact my first mainland manufactures and lay out in detail a PO.  Gary helped me find an industry leading manufacture that barely had a footprint on alibaba. I would of never gone with them, nor got their low pricing!”  Lee L.

“We don’t know who is a manufacturer and who is a trader. We need people like you to do inspections and quality checks to make sure we are not getting screwed. The more insurance we have that we can trust the quality of the product we are getting the larger orders we can confidently place.” Zach B

Even the best CEOs and athletes in the world have coaches. In fact Michael Jordan didn’t win a championship until he had Phil Jackson coaching him.


Here’s your chance to invest in yourself today and take your business to the next level.

You can do it on your own buy why not give yourself every advantage? Take action now.


1 hour: $299  
3 hours: $799 (Save $98!)