My favorite articles on Entrepreneurship

Last week I shared some of my favorite entrepreneurial podcasts and I hope you got value out of that.  

This week I’d like to share several of my favorite articles about entrepreneurship and what you can learn from them.

  1. How Ana Gavia, a 26 year old med school student from Australia, started a million dollar bikini business with only $200 in the bank

Key points:

  • You don’t need to spend $3k to $5 on a trial order
  • Scratch your own itch – Ana couldn’t find affordable swimsuits that she loved so she sketched a bikini design and sourced it from China
  • Be quality focused – Gavia made sure there were no wardrobe malfunctions with her bikinis so she included special features to prevent these slip ups. “I wouldn’t sell anything I wouldn’t wear myself or be happy with,” she says.

2. Jeff Bezos shares his best advice to anyone starting a business

  • Be brave enough to take risks.  
  • Be obsessed with delighting your customers

3. “Should you quit your day job to start your business?” 

  • A 15 Year study of 5,000 entrepreneurs reveals what successful entrepreneurs are more likely to do 
  • “Those who kept their day jobs were 33 percent less likely to fail in their new venture.” 
  • Entrepreneurs such as Phil Knight from Nike and Sara Blakely from Spanx kept their day jobs for YEARS while working on their businesses on the side until they built them up to a level where they were comfortable they could quit


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Author: Gary

I work with many Amazon sellers to help them source from China. I’ve managed multimillion dollar sourcing campaigns and have been sourcing from China since 2008. I also am an Amazon Private Label seller myself so I know what you’re going through. My goal is to teach you how to source from China quickly and easily so you can own a 7-figure online business.

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