How to source beyond Alibaba: Find suppliers your competition doesn’t know about, How to differentiate your products, and Learn from my mistakes sourcing

Are you selling on Amazon and looking for ways to find suppliers that your competitors don’t know about?

Are you frustrated trying to find the right sourcing for your product so you can be different from your competitors and serve your customers better?

“It’s often hard to avoid Alibaba.. If you find your supplier through Alibaba, there’s a lineup of your competitors also talking to that same supplier.” Dave B. 

Sure you can spend months reading lots of sourcing articles online but can you afford to let your competitors pass you by in the meantime?   And can you trust what you read?

Or you have your own business that’s doing OK.  But you’re worried that you don’t have a backup supplier in case something goes wrong.  Can you afford to keep all your eggs in one basket?

This course will show you where and how to find suppliers beyond Alibaba, which is a starting point most beginners use.

You will get over one hour of video created by a Director of Sourcing who has spent years working one-on-one with clients to help them source products successfully from China.  

You will learn advanced techniques and methods the pros use to find trustworthy suppliers.  

Also you’ll learn what NOT TO DO and the most common rookie mistakes so you can save time and focus on growing your business.

In short, you will learn:

  • Essentials of the “80/20 Sourcing Technique”: tactics to shortcut the sourcing process and find the right suppliers quickly
  • How to differentiate your products from your competitors
  • Identity suppliers quickly using online sites (not Alibaba) to find suppliers
  • Offline sourcing – where to look and where not to waste your time
  • How to outsource the sourcing work for free and make suppliers come to you (without using sourcing agents)
  • Learn the most common mistakes and what NOT TO DO when sourcing
  • Email scripts to shortcut the communication process
  • Guide to paying suppliers and protecting your hard-earned money
  • And a lot more

I’ve charged clients up to $5,000 per month for my services.  Now I’m revealing these secrets to you at a fraction of the price.

Imagine if you just takeaway one tactic from my course and use it to grow your business, then it will pay for itself many many times over.

By now you know that sourcing from China isn’t just about Alibaba.  If you’re a one trick pony sourcing only from Alibaba, sooner or later competitors will find the same supplier as you and take your business.

But first I’d like to tell you my story of why I quit my job working in sourcing and decided to share my secrets with you instead.

Sourcing in China is a dirty business.  Sure there are honest guys out there but there are so many moving parts that can go wrong that it’s hard to keep track of them all – sourcing, quality control, late deliveries, price negotiations, miscommunications, not to mention hidden markups and kickbacks.  This can be even the case not only with unethical sourcing companies adding hidden markups, “shadow factories” or scam artists pretending to be factory owners, but even multinational third party inspection agencies which blackmail factories to pay them or else face a failed inspection report.

Why am I doing this?  So people can avoid these common mistakes and not fall victim to these dirty tricks so that they can grow their business.

I see a lot of small volume buyers doing Amazon private label and e-commerce sites who are NEW to sourcing from China.  It’s only one part of their business.  Being an entrepreneur myself I know that time is your most valuable commodity.  How to you leverage your time so you can focus on the essentials and eliminate the vital many?  I look at the 80/20 Principle.

Tim Ferriss author of the Four Hour Workweek says “20% of your actions, inputs, or products or services will create 80% of what you want – whatever you want that to be. So lets say you have 100 products that are creating 100 hours a week. Chances are if I did an analysis, 20% of those products are producing 90% of my profits – which means, hypothetically, I could cut out 80% of my products, make 90% of what I’m making now and work 20 hours a week instead of 100 hours a week.”

So by applying the 80/20 rule I will show you the 20% of work to focus on so you can get 80% of results.  At the same time I’ll show you what you can safely ignore for now so you save time.

There are a lot of other sourcing companies out there charging thousands of dollars for these services (I was one of them) but by offering these online lessons, I can teach a lot more people the most important principles in sourcing and I can scale my business as well.  WIN-WIN.

So how do you stay ahead of your competition?  Join my Sourcing beyond Alibaba course now for a deep dive into the real tactics sourcing professionals use to find trusted suppliers so they can grow their business.

Is this course right for me? 
First off let me tell you who this is NOT FOR:
-If you are looking for a full-service sourcing solution, DO NOT BUY!

-If you are brand new to this and don’t have a product in mind yet, you can read the free material on my site first to learn the ropes.

-You are already sourcing from China and need to find ways to source suppliers not on Alibaba (remember that this course can be tax deductible as a business expense!)
-Need to find backup suppliers
-Want to keep on top of cutting edge techniques sourcing
-Frustrated with the sourcing process and want speed things up

Will this work for me? 

Here’s an email I recently got from a student:

“If you’re a guy that likes to do everything yourself, you need a sourcing coach to learn from and setup expectations. Gary did just this for me. He helped me contact my first mainland manufacturers and lay out in detail a PO…. Gary helped me find an industry leading manufacture that barely had a footprint on Alibaba. I would of never gone with them, nor got their low pricing!”  Lee L.

How can this save me time?
Through my years of research and working with Chinese suppliers day in and day out I’ve seen a lot.  Not only will I share sourcing secrets with you but you will also LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES.  Also we will apply the simple 80/20 principle  so you can learn where to focus on to get more results from your sourcing.  And I will show you what you can ignore for now.

Time is money and this will fast-track the sourcing process for you.  I normally charge my clients thousands of dollars to implement these efficient strategies and now I’m offering this to you at a fraction of the cost.

Why should I buy this, when I can read about sourcing online?  
I will reveal tactics in my course that are not found anywhere online or in my free material.  Sure you can spend months reading articles and listening to podcasts but this course will get straight to the MEAT.  You will learn in one hour what may take you months or even years to learn.  Also you will learn the most fatal mistakes to make in sourcing that could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars if you’re not aware of them.

What if I still can’t find the right supplier? 
Remember it’s NO-RISK to you.  If you’re not satisfied, just email me and I will offer a FULL REFUND.

I need to close the course soon.  This is your last chance to get the best tactics and strategies I learned in my years of sourcing from Chinese suppliers.

If you’re still on the fence, then think about where you would be today if you knew of these techniques a year ago.  How much more money you would be making from your business?  You could be running a 6 or 7-figure business by now.  Or you could use the extra money you made to take a mini-retirement on a beach in Bali.  Or you could travel the world and work remotely on your business.  Or you could at least quit your full-time job.

Don’t put off your dreams anymore and join today.

I personally guarantee that this course will help you improve your sourcing and save you time so I’m offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Try my course now for 7 days and if you find that it doesn’t help, I will give you a full refund.  

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
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