Chinese New Year Best Practices Sourcing from China

Chinese New Year (CNY) is the biggest holiday of the year in China.  If you are an Amazon seller or importer and source from China, then this time of year can be a huge headache because Chinese factories will shut down anywhere from two weeks to a month.  I’d like to share two stories with you of what can happen.… More...

Why do factories charge significantly more for product samples than FOB quotations?

Why are factory samples more expensive than their FOB quotations?  If they quoted me $5.00 FOB then why is the sample fee $50?  While you may think that they are trying to rip you off, there are a couple of reasons behind this:

  • Higher labor and handling fees to make one unit and prepare it for shipment vs economies of scale for a large order
  • Quick way to filter out the non-serious buyers – 80/20 rule
  • Company policies
$5.00 FOB but $50 Sample Fee!
$5.00 FOB but $50 Sample Fee!

Went to the Canton Fair? How to follow up with suppliers AFTER the trade show so you don’t waste your trip

It’s trade show season and some of you may have went to the Canton Fair or one of the trade shows in Hong Kong.  So you met up with potential suppliers for your product at the fair but now what?

Did you know that many online sellers go to trade shows and meet a supplier that they have a “good feeling” with.  … More...

Heads up – Weeklong National Holiday in China from Oct 1-7, 2016… Expect delays

Heads up – there is a weeklong holiday in China coming up from Oct 1st to 7th. The National Day or Golden Week holiday in China is the second longest holiday after Chinese New Year.  How does this affect you?

  • Factories may be closed a portion of or up to the entire SEVEN DAYS
  • Logistics providers such as freight forwarders, trucking companies, and the Port may be affected as well

TAKEAWAY: Often times suppliers will “forget” to tell you about holidays in advance.  


Shipping by sea? Your ocean freight costs may go up by 50% as 45 ships are stranded with over half a million containers as one of the largest shipping companies just filed for bankruptcy

Breaking news!  Hanjin, one of the world’s largest shipping company’s has just filed for bankruptcy protection.  Apparently they ran into financial troubles.  But the key point is this.

45 of their ships are “stranded at sea”.  Ports are not willing to let their ships dock because of their financial uncertainty.  As a result over 500,000 containers are in limbo now.  More...

Payment Terms and how to negotiate them to increase cash flow, reduce your risk, and gain leverage if problems arise

What do you think of first when negotiating with suppliers?  Do dollars signs come into your head?  Price right? But did you know there is another factor which can make or break your business and it is often overlooked?  In fact by negotiating this properly you will have more money to pay expenses, pay yourself, or invest back into your business, cut your risk of losing that money, and gain leverage if any problems arise. More...

BEWARE: a major economic event may delay your China shipments in September

DELAYS are one of the biggest nightmares that we deal with in sourcing.  Any time your order is late, you not only lose time but also money and sales.

In China, there is a huge upcoming economic event that hasn’t gotten much coverage from the Western press that has potential to cause delays and disruption to your upcoming shipments.  … More...

The impact of typhoons and summer heatwaves on sourcing from China

While many of you have enjoyed a summer getaway to beat the heat and escape your daily grind, China manufacturing continues to churn away.  Factories continue to churn out orders so long as there is business to do and money to be made.

However recently some of you may have noticed slower response times from suppliers and even delays to your deliveries. … More...

“Secrets of Successful Sourcing” Masterclass: How to find the right supplier from China

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to host a webinar with Junglescout’s Greg Mercer and Gen Furukawa this week.  We covered four key areas of sourcing:

  • Chinese cultural and value differences and “Guan Xi”: It’s a relationship business
  • Supplier selection strategy – First cast a wide net then go deep sea fishing
  • Negotiations – You get what you pay for
  • Quality Control – The Never-ending story

Here’s the replay in case you missed it!… More...

5 Seller Secrets to Cut Your Sourcing Costs and Stay Ahead of your Competition

If you’re selling on Amazon or eBay you know that just competing on price is challenging.  But I’d like to share some secrets I’ve learned managing multimillion dollar sourcing campaigns for my clients. One of the best ways to maximize your margins is to CUT YOUR SOURCING COSTS.  In other words PURCHASING FOR LESS will give you more room to price your product competitively and win the buy box.  … More...