Amazon drops Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score to 400 – 80/20 of Ecommerce

Amazon will drop Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score to 400 (previously 450) on January 1st

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Amazon will update the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score required to have unlimited storage volume at FBA warehouses. Effective January 1st, the required 450 IPI score will drop to 400 IPI score.

The announcement is great news for Amazon sellers as this will also reduce the effort spent to improve IPI scores. However, there will still be restocking limits based on your inventory sell-thru rates and this can still limit the volume of inventory you send to FBA warehouses.

Amazon warehouse workers in New York refiled union petition on Wednesday

A leader of the group on Staten Island is Chris Smalls (pictured), who worked at Amazon for more than four years before the company fired him in 2020 for what the company said was a violation of safety guideline. Image credits: Bloomberg

Amazon workers who seek to unionize four Amazon facilities in New York filed a petition again on Wednesday.

The group failed to comply with enough signatures on their first attempt at filing for unionization. This week, the workers, headed by Chris Smalls, filed the petition and brought all the necessary paperwork with them. Smalls said that he’s protesting Amazon’s incompetent response and policies with regard to Covid-19.

The U.S. National Labor Relations Board is said to review union cards in the coming days.
Meanwhile, an Amazon spokesperson added, “Our focus remains on listening directly to our employees and continuously improving on their behalf.”

2022 Sourcing Best Practices – 8020 Sourcing x Helium 10 Collaboration

2021 has been a rewarding, but tough year for eCommerce especially from the sourcing side. Recently, I’ve been invited to give a four-part video training series about 2022 sourcing and best practices with Helium 10.

I wanted to personally invite you to view these four training videos because I believe they can help you prepare your supply chain and sourcing for a successful 2022.

In this four-part video series, you will learn:
– Chinese New Year 2022: What to know and plan for
– 2022 Sourcing Best Practices
– 2022 China, Mexico, and India Sourcing Opportunities (and Risks)!
– Supply Chain Perfect Storm: What to do as an Ecom Seller?

Watch it here:

As a special bonus, I also put together a ‘2022 Best Sourcing Practices’ cheat sheet so you can implement them right away. Make sure to watch until the end to get the bonus.

Leave a comment below the videos what your #1 takeaway and I will make sure to check and include them in our weekly newsletter.

Thank you!

How to Put Together the Perfect RFQ to Contact Suppliers on Alibaba – 7 Figure Case Study Episode 6

Did you watch Episode 6 of the 7 Figure Case Study where I shared with you how to put together the perfect RFQ template to contact suppliers in Alibaba?

One of the keys to eCommerce success is having trustworthy partners. Just like you, at first, I struggled with finding suppliers that can meet my requirements and give me the best deal.

Thankfully, the RFQ template I shared in my video saved me tons of time and money.

Check out episode 6 of the 7 Figure Case study to know how to find the best suppliers in Alibaba using RFQ.

We covered:
– How I’m going to contact suppliers
– Product: Wooden cutting board set
– Where to contact suppliers
– Putting together a Request for Quotation
– RFQ Template
– Walkthrough of contacting suppliers

This week, 7 Figure Case Study will be taking time off to celebrate the holidays. But don’t worry, we’ll be back in no time after the holidays.

In the meantime, enjoy episode 6 and please leave your comments, so I can highlight them on to the next 7FCS episode.

If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s the link:

Wishing everyone joyous holidays!

In case you missed it:

Have a great and joyous holiday!


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