Product Research:

Junglescout is my favorite product research tool for Amazon selling.  This is the one I always turn to when checking product demand and competition before sourcing products. Save 30% OFF at 3 or 12 months duration for 80/20 Sourcing’s readers. 


Recently I was able to raise the price on my product on Cyber Monday and Black Friday and still sell 3x my normal sales volume. How did I do that? Splitly. It’s a tool that can split test your pricing automatically to maximize your margins. Check it out here.

Product Launch and Email Automation:

When launching a product, one of the most important tools that I recommend is JungleScout’s LAUNCH feature. It lets me rapidly increase my sales velocity and spike my BSR by offering discounted products. It also is my favorite auto email responder which allows me to automatically follow up with customers after they purchase to offer first class customer service. Try it out risk free here.

Pre-shipment inspection:

Asia Inspection: Reliable and professional 3rd party inspection agency based in South China.  Inspection start out at around $309 per man-day.  Better safe than sorry!


12VPN: A must when traveling in Mainland China.  Without this, forget about using Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, NY Times, etc.  14-day money back guarantee.  Read more about VPNs here.

Efficient Era:

Efficient Era is a useful all-in-one tool to manage your Amazon sales.

– It has a dashboard so you know how much profit (and losses) each of your SKUs are making.
– It can automate email replies.
– It can track reviews – so you can follow up with any negative reviews to fix customer complaints.
– One cool feature I love is that it can email you of any bulk purchases. This way, you can follow up with this potential customer to provide VIP services. For example –  if a restaurant or bakery orders 25 units of your kitchen product, that probably is going to be a VIP customer you want to take care of and build up a relationship with.

You can get a free trial (no credit card required) here .