Sourcing Updates from China and India, Nearly 600 Amazon Packages found dumped in Oklahoma, 80/20 of Ecommerce – January 7, 2022

Sourcing Updates from China and India

I had calls with sourcing agents on the ground in China this week and it seems that there are COVID outbreaks happening in parts of China including Ningbo Port. As you know, Chinese New Year is coming up in less than a month so, I recommend you stay vigilant in monitoring your deliveries and also check with your shipping partners to anticipate any delays especially with the port of Ningbo affected by COVID.

India Sourcing updates: According to my conversation with a contact on the ground in Mumbai, India, there has been a tremendous spike in COVID cases recently in the country. As of right now, manufacturing has not yet been affected, but next few days would be critical to see how India can manage the effects of the next waves of the pandemic. If you are sourcing from India, I recommend you proactively contact your suppliers to see how they are doing and to anticipate any delays.

It seems that as of the first week of 2022, one of the key themes of being a successful ecommerce seller is resiliency. This means finding ways to adapt, survive, and thrive in the face of adversity. 

Nearly 600 Amazon Packages supposed to be delivered on Christmas were found dumped in Oklahoma

Packages found by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Image credits: Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post

Over 500 Amazon packages were found dumped in Oklahoma amidst New Year’s Eve. According to Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, the packages were supposed to be delivered on Christmas.

The sheriff’s office added, “Someone had removed the items they wanted and discarded the rest. If you’re missing a package, please don’t call us. We are working with the USPS and have reached out to Amazon, so someone should contact you soon.”

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed that they are closely working with the sheriff’s office to deliver the overdue packages and find the culprit of the cargo theft.

Truckers Desperate to Find Drivers to Deliver Goods

Trucks enter the Port of Los Angeles in California. Image Credits: Allison Zaucha/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The global pandemic is undeniably one of the factors that skyrocketed eCommerce sales. As more and more consumers prefer online shopping, rather than going to physical stores, the industry is facing a new challenge, a shortage of truck drivers.

American Trucking Association estimates an 80,000 truck driver shortage in the United States. Additionally, about 72 percent of America’s freight transport is dependent on truckers. This just shows how consumers and businesses across the country rely on truckers to deliver products. This issue is not just prevalent in the US, but also in the European Union and China.

Jean-Paul Rodrigue, an expert in transportation, logistics, and freight distribution at Hofstra University said that “The pandemic has opened up Pandora’s box on so many issues.” On top of the disruptions in the global supply chain, truck driver shortage adds up to the delays in transporting products and orders.

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